Top Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for Freelancers During Tax Season


We dig Chase because he is obsessed with great service aka his love language is a fast email reply . At Ground Control, he brings an operator mindset to accounting and finance so you get a clear strategy, not just check a box at tax season. If you’re looking for someone to help you plan and be accountable for the next X years so you can make X dollars – talk to Chase. For a small business, that entry point is with bookkeeping and day to day accounting.

However, some freelancers don’t prefer doing their taxes and using accounting services. Golden Apple provides full-service accounting for freelancers. If you’re looking for freelance accounting software that you can use to do your own bookkeeping, need advice about your tax liabilities, or want to outsource your bookkeeping to a professional, we do it all. Keep track of your business expenses, income, and deductions—and face tax time with confidence.

Reasons to hire an accountant for your freelance income

And for most self-employed accountant for freelancerses, forming an S Corp could lead to big tax savings. If you are an expat who is subject to these taxes, be aware that excluding income from taxation through the FEIE does not affect the amount of income subject to the self-employment tax. Instead, ignore any exemptions or exclusions when calculating how much you owe in self-employment taxes to avoid making potentially expensive errors on your tax returns. Fortunately, there are a number of exclusions, exemptions, and credits intended to relieve the American tax burden of expats who, in all likelihood, must also pay taxes in the country where they reside. The greatest of these is the foreign earned income exclusion, or FEIE. Additional deductions can be made if you have spent money on housing in your country of residence.


Then at least you don’t have to worry so much about the interest and penalties. He was was born to an impressionist painter and an accountant! The guy loves to build financial models from his fantasy teams to checkout lines in Trader Joe’s. Claire Van Holland is a creative first, who just happens to like crunching numbers.

Each of these plans has advantages and disadvantages, and some may not be applicable to your situation. For example, a sole-owner 401 retirement plan allows a contribution for you as both an employer and as an employee. Therefore, a sole-owner 401 plan may provide for the largest deductible contribution. However, a sole-owner 401 is not available to the self-employed with employees other than a spouse or relative.

Estimate what percentage of each paycheck should go toward taxes . The second your pay hits your account, move what’s needed into the account you’ve earmarked for taxes…and DON’T touch it until it’s needed to pay your quarterly or yearly taxes (seriously, don’t). Since taxes aren’t deducted from the paychecks you receive from your clients, it’s up to you to put aside money from each check to pay federal, state, local and self-employment taxes—and to pay them on time.

Starting Your

Taxes are distressing for all, and hence as a freelancer, it is my advice to hire an accountant to handle all your financial transactions, bookkeeping, and future growth. Find someone compatible with your company to have a good and long-lasting relationship. If you have been working for a long time and own properties or have started a separate business, you may generate more than one source of income.

Which is the world’s best accounting platform for freelancers?

Best Overall Accounting Software for Freelancers: Freshbooks

Freshbooks offers real-time invoice tracking, cloud support for seamless access from any device, automatic payment reminders for clients who don't pay on time, multiple payment options, expense tracking, and, best of all, it's easy to use.

However, Gatwick Accountant maintains total reliability and upholds the highest work ethics while serving as your online accountants for the self-employed. After your financial year’s conclusion, the looming deadline to file your tax returns can be a source of immense stress. It is best to leave the hassle to a proficient accountant for a self-employed tax return.

Serious Advice for Self-Employment Success

Some accountants may outsource their tax preparation work to someone else. It is important to find out beforehand, who will prepare your taxes. When you become a member, you get your own accounting team and software to track and manage your finances.

Looking for tax support to complete US tax forms including form 8621. Hold a number of PFICs that exceed the threshold and have foreign bank accounts so require FBARs also. Your team of advisors is here to help you get the most out of your S Corp. We ensure that your bookkeeping is up to date and that your personalized tax advice is based on real, accurate numbers. Because the way you organize your business makes a big difference in how much you pay in taxes.